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Real Estate


Real property can be a complicated area of law. Mistakes can be unforgiving or difficult (expensive) to fix. Sterling Law advises any individual transferring real property to first consult with an experienced real property attorney.

What is the best method to properly convey (transfer) property to a family member, a business, or to another individual?  What ownership arrangement is desired? To assist in these conveyances, we can draft, review, and/or negotiate leases, sales, land contracts, mortgages, deeds, or any other instruments (documents) to convey property. 


A general concern when conveying property, especially from one family member to another family member, is the tax implications of the conveyance. The concern is typically preventing an uncapping of taxes.  When property comes uncapped, it can create an undue burden on the recipient of the property, because the recipient may experience a significant increase in property taxes.  If you would like to know more about uncapping and how to prevent it, the real property attorneys of Sterling Law are happy to help.


Joint ownership of real property can give rise to a number of unintended problems.  These sometimes lead to partition actions to divide the property or to buy out the departing joint owner. Sterling Law also creates Operating Agreements for limited liability companies for multiple owners of property that can avoid partitions and pre-determine the rights of joint owners.


An often overlooked, and often confusing, area of property law involves mineral rights.  If you have questions about your mineral rights, what you own, what you can convey, or mineral leases, we are happy to discuss those issues. 

Other real property issues with which we can assist include zoning, building permits, variances, and easements.

When you call Sterling Law at 231-486-0559 with a real property issue, you can expect a short phone intake process.  Your information will then be forwarded to one of our real property attorneys for review and follow up with you.

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Sterling Law areas of practice include specialization in advocacy and divorce tailored for men. Sterling Law has a strong and successful history of representing both women and men in all areas of family law, including divorce.

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