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Going through a divorce is tough, but it's even more difficult when your attorney is not

answering your questions or returning your phone calls promptly.


At ADAM, we realize you're under enough stress already. You don't need to deal with an attorney who won't respond to you in a timely manner.


Call us at 877-923-2326 and we can answer your questions. We take pride in responding to our clients' calls and emails on the day they are received.


At ADAM, if you don't receive a response within 24 hours, you will not be charged for what we consider our delay.


Additionally, as your case progresses, you will receive copies of the documents and correspondence generated by your case as well as a monthly itemized statement of the work we have performed. No mysteries, no surprises.


We know how important communication between lawyer and client is to the success of your case.


Be smart, understand the law before you take action. Call ADAM at 877-923-2326, or visit .


From Doug Wartell, a Co-Founder of ADAM - PROTECTING MEN'S RIGHTS SINCE 1988.

Family Law Attorneys for Men


Sterling Law’s areas of practice include specialization in advocacy and divorce tailored for men. Sterling Law has a strong and successful history of representing both women and men in all areas of family law, including divorce.


Through our affiliation with the American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM), we offer legal representation focusing on the unique needs and rights of fathers and husbands. When dealing with a family law issue, whether it is custody, parenting time, change of domicile, spousal support, or other matters, Sterling Law finds that all family members can benefit from the dedicated representation of the specific needs of men. The ADAM program at Sterling Law pursues fair and equal treatment for male clients in all domestic family law matters. It emphasizes the importance of keeping both parents in children’s lives when there is dissolution of the parents’ relationship.


ADAM gives legal guidance to male clients to achieve short and long term parenting goals and other questions arising from a marital separation or divorce, or from raising a child born to unmarried parents. ADAM attorneys are committed to the tenet that all family members fare better when parental responsibility is shared. With a long history of robust advocacy for family law clients, Sterling Law brings expertise in men’s rights law to northwestern Michigan.



Free Phone Consultation

Divorce and custody matters are complex litigation and rarely accomplished using Do It Yourself (DIY) programs.  Very few family law matters are “simple.” Minor children, paternity, spousal support, separate property, real estate, business interests, and retirement accounts automatically mean your family law matter is not “simple.” Having an attorney, and especially having a Sterling Law attorney, helps you navigate this complicated process.  We do however acknowledge that full legal services are not an option for some people, and we can help direct you to appropriate resources.  We do contract for certain services on a limited scope basis.


ADAM was founded in 1988 by a group of attorneys in Southfield, in response to the sometimes inequitable treatment fathers and husbands received within the justice system. The organization’s purpose is to offer diligent, experienced, fair, and knowledgeable representation to men in all family law matters. Clients are given educational consultation on their rights and choices before, during, and after family conflicts. ADAM attorneys seek settlements out of court whenever possible, and hold that the best custody, property, and other settlements are crafted cooperatively by the parties, not imposed by the court. Because of the experience in working for men’s legal rights, attorneys affiliated with ADAM are often able to achieve exceptional results for their clients.


ADAM attorneys at Sterling Law raise the level of men’s understanding of their rights under the law and of the results that can be reasonably expected in various family law matters.

Call ADAM at (877) 923-ADAM (2326) for a free family law phone consult.  We follow up telephone consults with a Case Evaluation.


At a Case Evaluation, we meet with you in person (or by phone if you are unable to come to one of our offices).  After an intake interview, we hear your story and your goals.  We help you understand your legal rights.  After we help you sort it all out, we create for you a Plan of Action identifying your Next Steps to reach your goals.  We charge a flat fee of $95.00 for the Case Evaluation. Most people find that the Case Evaluation is extremely helpful.  We see these potential clients lift their shoulders and breathe a sigh of relief when they leave our office following a Case Evaluation.


After a case evaluation, if the plan of action calls for attorney involvement, you may want to hire our firm to represent you.  If so, you can expect to then sign a contract and pay a deposit on your future legal expenses.

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